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Welcome to the Billionaire Realtors Group. We are Nigeria’s largest real estate marketing company, with a track record of offering excellent real estate brokerage services of the highest standards. 

We are Transforming the Landscape of Real state in Nigeria

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Our Services

Our expertise and experience position us to deliver a wide range of services with excellence and optimum results across the commercial and residential real estate sectors.

International Partnerships

We are focused on adopting new ideas to streamline processes for better solutions. 

Innovation and Sustainability

We engage in innovative practices to develop a dynamic and sustainable system.

Customer-Centric Processes

We seek to provide quality services that positively impact our clients and team.

Our systems and processes are designed to deliver value and immense benefits  to our partners even in a crowded market.

Professional Development
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We are set to promote individual development through the transfer of skills, expert knowledge, and insight focused on giving realtors a competitive edge as a salesperson to help deliver higher margins and achieve greater sales productivity.
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We conduct background checks to verify realtors, properties and companies before they are registered to our network base or marketed by our realtors.
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We value our partnerships, both locally and internationally and strive to ensure our realtors access the best professional training to enhance career growth. 
Crisis Management
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We are particular about securing the interests of our stakeholders - realtors, companies and partners. Like a watchdog in our industry, we step in to manage clients’ crises where necessary. 

Partner with BRG the Winning Team 

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Timely Commission

Billionaire Realtors Group thrives on core values that ensure your commission is paid on time. 

Verified Companies

We create a safe environment for you to grow and make money as a realtor. 

Career Summits

We organize summits and conferences exclusively for our realtors to access tried and tested sales strategies and insights. 

Multi Level Marketing

Our marketing structure enables you to grow your wealth both actively and passively. With BRG, everybody wins together.

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Increased Sales

We have built a track record of helping development companies registered with us sell out their properties.  

Growth and Security

Be part of a network that offers sustainable growth and guarantees a secure platform for your real estate business. 

Simplified Marketing

Our network of realtors simplify the sales and marketing process in the industry.  

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Health Insurance

Access to the BRG premium ID card Health insurance

Foreign Certification

Certified courses with the Metropolitan School of Business and Management

Digital App

Onboarding on our digital app platform

Feedback From Our Realtors Our Partner

Our Clients trust us as we consistently strive to provide services that are customer-centric and of the highest standards. See what our clients are saying.

Our Partners

Our partners consist of the finest real estate companies across West Africa. 

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