Our Services


Our seasoned professionals help to overcome every challenge to support our clients while they make complex decisions with confidence. At Billionaire Realtors Group, we provide practical, objective and strategic commercial advice. While we offer a broad understanding of various property-related aspects, our team of specialists stretches from valuation through commercial and financial diligence to investment and transaction advisory. We will help you build a reputation in the market, create a visual roadmap that will benefit your business.


We develop and manage real estate projects by implementing innovative strategies in development, construction and management. A trusted partner, we will help you redefine the expectations of high-quality living and working environment to lift the competitive performance of a building project. With our strong communication of technical, design and advisory services, we are set to evolve the changing aspirations and challenges of developers.


We help in setting competition rental/sales rate, provide recommendations and guidance on how to make your property ready for high-quality clients. We employ the use of technology to effectively and aggressively market your properties. With us, you will not be getting just leads but clients.


You can trust us to be a premier provider of real estate instructional and training services. We engage in real estate training, coaching and mentoring services for new and professional practitioners. We are staffed by a highly skilled team who has an understanding of real estate dynamics. With us, there’s no longer a barrier to your success because we believe that through our training, you will have everything you need to achieve your business goals.


We engage in feasibility analysis, market assessment and demand studies and insurance reinstatement cost assessment for both residential and commercial properties. Our valuation services are timely and we provide valuable support in connection to disposition, acquisition and financings.


We bridge financing gaps by helping you structure financing options for your value-added and opportunistic real estate financing needs. We help create developer-friendly models irrespective of the size. At Billionaire Realtors Group, we believe in partnering and establishing long term relationship with developers to cater to their financial needs.


We provide cutting edge property management services as we pride ourselves in the personalized service, knowledge and specialist skill we offer in ensuring your property is expertly managed. At Billionaire Realtors Group, we cater to both the owners and the tenants. We do thorough tenant screening and selection, regular inspections, reliable and cost-effective maintenance, strict and compliance evictions, timely rent collection and comprehensive accounting.